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Paranormal sabotage, or what happens when demonic forces don't want you to interview a lead exorcist and other stories of supernatural interference, such as the true "The Devil Made Me Do It Case" investigated by the Warrens. Host – Marlene Pardo, Stories of the Supernatural Website –


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Images sources - Ida Libby Dengrove, and the Internet Guest – Rita Strugala, Lead Exorcist at Sacred Order of Exorcists Website – Video clips used with permission from Rita Strugala Lagrow

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE OUR VIDEOS! THANKS! Not to sound paranoid, but it’s when everything you’ve checked that works, falls apart and your expected guest is a lead exorcist for a group that spends most of its free time expelling demons out of people. Most people who have worked in the paranormal field, have at some time or other experienced their electronics going haywire, and the audio not working during this interview was the 3rd event that occurred to derail the show in a 12 hour period, so that’s went you start thinking…SABOTAGE! So in order to honor that original intent of the show which was an interview with Rita Strugala, lead exorcist with the Sacred Order of Exorcists, the show looks at 2 clips of exorcisms conducted by Southern Paranormal, as well as revisiting a famous case from 1981 which the Warrens were involved with, where the defendant in a murder trial claimed that he had been under demonic possession when he committed the crime.